German technical death metal band Obscura impressed fans and critics alike with their acclaimed 2011 album 'Omnivium.' Now, Loudwire is giving away an autographed copy of the disc (enter below).

Having been bending time and space with their incredibly technical brand of death metal for 10 years now, Obscura have developed a strong fan base in the extreme metal world. Founded by frontman Steffen Kummerer in 2002, he named the group after the classic Gorguts album of the same name.

In 2007, the band strengthened their foundation by recruiting former members of Necrophagist, one of the fastest and most technical death metal bands on the planet. Obscura took their career to the next level with their 2009 album 'Cosmogenesis,' released by Relapse Records and pioneered by the face-melting track 'Anticosmic Overload.'

Obscura had a spotlight year in 2011, releasing 'Omnivium,' which was featured on many year-end best-of lists, including our own Top 10 Metal Albums of 2011. The band also toured North America with metal music giants Children of Bodom and the Devin Townshend Project, while even making its way to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

Enter below for the chance to win a signed copy of 'Omnivium.' The contest ends Feb. 9.