Within Temptation's latest album 'Hydra,' is set for a Feb. 4 release, but you can stream the entire disc now via iTunes at this location.

The album features numerous collaborations. In addition to Tarja Turunen, Xzibit and Howard Jones, Soul Asylum's Dave Pirner appears on the track 'Whole World Is Watching.' The video for that song has just been released (watch above).

The clip features den Adel and Pirner standing on a rooftop overlooking a city, with the band appearing periodically. The storyline follows a man who wrecks his motorcycle while drinking, then has an arduous recovery process. He finally recovers, and literally throws his old life into a dumpster and sets it on fire, ready to put  his demons behind him.

Vocalist Sharon den Adel talked about their collaboration with Pirner. “When we wrote ‘Whole World Is Watching,’ Dave was at the very top of our list. He has such a captivating voice: it made the song exactly how it needed to be."

So where did the album title come from? “It’s like us – undefinable!” says guitarist and songwriter Robert Westerholt. “What’s more, ‘Hydra’ is a perfect title for our new album, because like the monster itself, the record represents the many different sides of our music.”