Within Temptation invited Howard Jones to sing on their 'Dangerous' song, and while the former Killswitch Engage frontman may appear in the video, the true star of the clip is Jokke Sommer.

Who is Jokke Sommer, you may ask? He and his team provide some amazing visuals as they jump off high mountains and helicopters in their aerodynamic suits, flying through the air at high speeds before finally pulling the cord just before impact with the ground. These daredevils take it to the mountains, the ocean and even the city, where Sommer actually flies through a narrow gap between two large city buildings.

It's definitely a powerful visual perfectly offset by the equally forceful vocals of Sharon den Adel and Jones. It appears as though the two singers shot their parts in different locations, as den Adel and her band appear in a dark, smoky studio with wind machines providing an intriguing visual, while Jones is outdoors in a snowy area where his voice can reach the heavens.

'Dangerous' appears on Within Temptation's upcoming album, 'Hydra,' which is due on Jan. 31. In addition to Jones, the disc also includes a guest turn from Tarja Turunen, among others. A pre-order is currently available via iTunes.