Update: Looks like X Japan have found a solution. Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland has posted on Instagram that he's set to play with the band for four shows.

X Japan will make the trip to the U.S. later this week to play Coachella, but when they take the stage, they may be missing one of their members. Speaking with Oricon News, the band revealed that their guitarist Sugizo is dealing with Visa issues that may or may not be resolved by the time they need to travel.

Sugizo stated, "Since they haven’t finished processing my visa application yet, there’s a chance it won’t be ready in time for Coachella." He went on to add that they likely won't know until the date of the show, but they are making contingency plans.

Band leader Yoshiki told Oricon News, "Since we can’t perform without twin guitars, if worst comes to worst I think we’ll end up using a support guitarist." But Sugizo is not giving up hope. “I’m still not giving up on going to the USA. I’m banking on the chance until the very last minute, but these visa problems don’t resolve themselves according to my wishes," says the guitarist. "If worst comes to worst and the band has to use a support guitarist, I think the positive side is that fans will get to see a special X Japan they could only see on that day. I’ll be happy if fans can take that positive attitude. Regardless of what happens, fans will get the very best X Japan can give."

Yoshiki added, “Sugizo’s presence is a really big deal. If we end up having to use a support guitarist, it’ll be necessary to convey to him the small nuances of Sugizo’s playing style, and that’s a difficult job. I’d like Sugizo to do as much as he can to help, too."

Having undergone surgery last year, Yoshiki is definitely anxious about returning to the stage. “I’m in a bit of a panic,” the drummer said. "Since I still can’t play the drums perfectly, these past few days I’ve been more worried than I expected about how far I can really push myself. Since I absolutely can’t move my neck to feel the rhythm like I used to, it’s like playing a completely different instrument."

But, he adds, "When it comes to taking to the stage overseas, Coachella has granted us a huge opportunity. I plan on raising as much hell as I can."

X Japan will play Coachella this Saturday (April 14).

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