X Japan frontman Yoshiki has donated nearly $89,000 (10 million yen) to the Red Cross Society to provide disaster relief for families affected by the heavy downpours and flooding, which have caused severe damage in and around Western Japan.

Yoshiki made the donation through his nonprofit organization Yoshiki Foundation America after learning about the recent heavy downpours and flooding. The Japanese Red Cross Society began accepting donations for the "July 2018 Heavy Rain Disaster Relief Fund" on July 10.

Yoshiki re-posted a New York Times article about the flooding and addressed his followers on social media. "I just saw the news in the U.S. and I pray for those who passed away. I truly hope the damage caused by heavy rain will not spread any more."

It wasn't Yoshiki's first donation to benefit disaster relief. In 2011, he donated 11 million yen ($97, 840), the highest bid for his personal crystal piano, which he used in X Japan's final concert. The money went to support Japanese earthquake restoration through Yoshiki Foundation America. Then, he donated six million yen ($53,362) for his favorite drum set to benefit the earthquake restoration charity auction in 2016.

In addition, Yoshiki donated 10 million yen ($88,939) to earthquake disaster in Kumamoto in 2016 and $25,000 dollars to aid Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas in 2017. He later donated an additional $100,000 dollars to the MusiCares of the Recording Academy to aid Harvey hurricane victims in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Also, Yoshiki makes regular contributions to other charities, including Make-A-Wish America, Points of Light Institute and the GRAMMY Foundation.

Yoshiki launched his nonprofit organization Yoshiki Foundation America in 2010 to support children who have lost family members to suicide. It's a cause he can relate to all too well since his father committed suicide when Yoshiki was a child. "I will continue to engage in charity activities as long as I am working as an artist," Yoshiki said.

The other members of X Japan have also made generous donations over the years. They gave all their appearance fees on the a-nation 2011 to Tohoku earthquake disaster relief. And in 2015, they donated their total proceeds of 28,289,358 yen from Ishinomaki Disaster Restoration Concert, which was used to support the victims.

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