These are not quite the AFI members you have come to know, but much like Blaqk Audio explores Davey Havok and Jade Puget's electronic-loving side, XTRMST gives the AFI pair a chance to explore another part of their musical DNA. The pair embraces the straight edge culture and their hardcore leanings with XTRMST as can be seen in the 'Conformist' video above.

Havok says, "Jade and I have been talking about starting a straight edge hardcore band for years. We started writing and recording in early 2012 and chose the name XTRMST because it expresses the messages represented on the record. The straight edge movement is not one of moderation. It's based on undeniable truths."

Puget adds, "The straight edge philosophy is something that Davey and I gravitated towards at a young age, drawn by concepts and ideals that seem almost foreign in modern society. Like much of the other subcultures we were part of growing up, it put us at odds with 99 percent of the people around us, which was something we embraced. Being straight edge for over 20 years and being musicians, it seemed natural that this crucial ideology would find a musical expression."

That expression begins to play out in the 'Conformist' video, which features a mob of red bodysuited people being introduced to a solitary person in a white bodysuit. As the title suggests, it's not long before the white bodysuited being is transformed into a red bodysuited person through rather brutal measures, and then it all plays out again as another white bodysuited being enters.

'Conformist' is featured on the duo's self-titled debut disc, due Nov. 17. "These songs are the purest expression of emotion, with no thought towards commerce or accessibility," says Puget. "And the album was made with the amount of money you have in your pocket right now -- just two people expressing their love and hate into microphones in a tiny room." You can pick up XTRMST's debut at iTunes.

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