AFI members Davey Havok and Jade Puget are showing another side of themselves with the new straight-edge hardcore outfit XTRMST, and the band is teaming with Loudwire to exclusively bring you the new song 'Sharper' (listen below).

It's a full on aggressive track as frontman Davey Havok belts about getting to "the top of the ultra" while an increasingly intense soundtrack plays beneath. Opening with some simple guitar strumming, followed by some frenetic drumming and eventually relying on a piercing and repetitive guitar lick, the song does its job of sticking with the listener.

Havok tells Loudwire of the song, "I think 'Sharper' is very important because for me, the exercise of XTRMST in my later years was an ability for really modern contextualization of the movement and since its inception in the early '80s there's been so many sects and controversy surrounding it. There's been question of whether it's subjective or objective and are there straight edge Christians? Is there sex? Can you eat animals?"

He adds, "Also, for me, it presses a point I feel is controversial within it, but I feel is very important in that it defies God. It defies certain responsibility and passing it on toward a fictitious being. It points to the caustic self-destructive or the caustic destructive impact of organization and allying oneself to a fictitious deity and shows the parallel between that and drug use as a very wise comedian said, 'Religion is the opiate of the masses.' It is an opiate. You are not clear of mind if you are aligning yourself to any of that and 'Sharper' makes that point."

If you like what you hear from 'Sharper,' you can pre-order the band's self-titled album at iTunes. The disc officially drops Tuesday, Nov. 18. Check out 'Sharper' in the player below.

XTRMST, 'Sharper'

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