Legendary guitarist and Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde has a busy year of touring ahead of him, as well as the release of ‘Unblackened,’ an acoustic-based DVD which is set to drop later this year.

When Loudwire got the chance to interview Wylde while he walked the Black Carpet at the Revolver Golden Gods, he donned an impressive beard held together by about six elastic bands and he joked about Black Label’s new men's lingerie line, his need for his right hand, the new Black Sabbath material and much more.

I’m loving the beard, how many scrunchies [elastic bands] do you go through daily.

[Laughs] Well I would say, with this thing I haven’t gone through that many scrunchies in a while. I actually haven’t – I mean the ones have been on it have been on there for a long time.

Do you think you would ever trim it?

I don’t know, I mean the last time it got ripped off and I just had to grow another one.

Are there any new bands that spark your interest?

Yeah, there’s two cool new bands that I’m diggin’ right now -- the band Led Zeppelin and this other band Black Sabbath. They’re phenomenal, amazing singers, I expect big things from these guys.

Yeah, I've heard good things about those two acts. What can fans expect from Zakk Wylde for 2012?

We launching the new Black Label lingerie line for men. [Laughs] The slogan is “It’s ugly but it’s here.”

Sounds like a winning slogan. Musically, what can we expect from you?

We’re going to be going over to Europe for about eight weeks with Ozzy, Black Label and Oz and then when we get back in August we’re going to do ‘Unblackened’ an acoustic type thing. After that we go down to our South America family and Canadian family and stay out on the road.

What’s your thoughts on the upcoming Black Sabbath album?

Well you know, you got Father [Rick] Rubin manning the ships over there, put it this way: any day with more Black Sabbath is a good day. [Laughs]

What has to come on tour with you, no electronics?

Definitely my right hand because I’m right handed. [Laughs]