Zakk Wylde was transported into purgatory so he could answer Rob Halford’s questions from his dressing room in Hell!

There are few musicians more metal than Zakk Wylde. The man was Ozzy Osbourne’s trusty lead guitarist for decades and leads the hard-nosed Black Label Society. Still, the Metal God demands satisfactory answers from all his disciples, so Zakk was put in the hot seat.

Rob asks Zakk about his greatest guitar influence, who unsurprisingly for Zakk fans, happens to be a member of Wylde’s favorite metal band. As for Zakk’s story of his first live show with Ozzy Osbourne, Halford approved wholeheartedly.

Knowing Zakk as well as we do, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Thus, he offered a few bizarre answers to the Metal God. When asked which metal band he most wants to share the road with, Zakk’s answer was a little farfetched, as was his response to “Where is your favorite place to spread the metal gospel?”

Rob Halford also grilled Zakk by asking what his favorite Judas Priest song and album was, so to find out for yourselves, check out this latest episode of ‘Rob Halford’s Rapid Fire.’

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