In modern times, it’s nearly impossible for rock act to earn platinum albums. In today’s record industry, where bands who play stadiums can’t sell a million copies of an album, it’s truly surreal to look back at acts who easily got their platinum plaques in the recent past.

In the 2010s, only acts like Kid Rock, Nickelback, Fall Out Boy and Paramore have been able to attain platinum status, but that’s about it. Soundgarden achieved platinum status with their Telephantism compilation, but that's because one million copies were included in packages for the video game Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Even the biggest names in rap and pop are having a rough time, whereas just a decade ago, groups were selling millions of albums after releasing just one radio hit. These days, it's quite an achievement for a major rock band to even earn a gold album for shipments of 500,000 copies.

The 10 artists found in this Loud List aren’t necessarily bad, but most of them happen to be one-hit wonders. Remember when Ugly Kid Joe played the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards -- the same year that Nirvana stole the show with “Lithium”? That was off the strength of “Everything About You,” which led to Ugly Kid Joe’s debut album going double platinum. It’s safe to say he group hasn’t experienced the same success since.

How about the post-grunge radio rock explosion of the early 2000s? Thanks to often overplayed radio hits, bands like Default and Crossfade got some pretty fat record sales, selling over a million copies of their breakout albums each. And let's not forget the one and only Crazy Town!

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