Metalheads, put down your proverbial shields for one moment. We all love destroying each other in the pit while the world's heaviest music possesses us to partake in warlike brutality, but we aren't one-dimensional. Pop up a cute animal video on YouTube and we melt just like the rest of humanity, so it only makes sense to combine the two for this week's Loud List -- 10 Amazing Animal Mosh Pits.

Believe it or not, there's a very scientific side to mosh pits. Back in 2013, a Cornell study drew fascinating parallels between moshing and patterns found in nature. The behavior of birds and fish were pointed out specifically, and in our video compilation, you'll see exactly what the Cornell scientists mean.

Even Exodus / Slayer shredder Gary Holt loves cute animals, as he told us in a game of To Exodus or Not to Exodus? We're sure that Gary will dig this clip too, which features the heart-melting cuteness of cats, sheep, penguins, puppies and much more. It's all adorable, yes, but these animals know how to let loose and embrace the chaos we all have experienced within venues around the world.

Get those headbanging necks and "Awwwwww" faces ready. It's 10 Amazing Animal Mosh Pits in the video above! Also, be sure to watch more Loud Lists below!

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