Yes, yes, yes, we all know that kids are cute. But wouldn't you rather your kid be bad ass and massively talented? That's where today's Loud List takes us -- to some awesome guitar prodigies.

In some cases, the guitars almost engulf the youngsters playing them, but that doesn't matter. These kids can still get their nimble fingers around the fret board and wow us with their blistering licks.

Some of these kids have become YouTube sensations, and with good reason. Just watch as Adian Fisher rocks an Eddie Van Halen Frankenstrat guitar while replicating the licks that made Van Halen the '80s guitar hero. Check out youngsters like Yuto Miyazawa and Zoe Thomson as they lay much older guitarists to waste. And there's a few teens like Tina S. who should be knocking on the door to rock stardom down the road.

So take a look at these guitar prodigies and remember their names for they could be the next generation of rock and metal greats. See them all in action in the 10 Awesome Guitar Prodigies video above.

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