With just three full-length albums, a B-sides record, three live albums and multiple compilations, Nirvana took over the world of music like no band has since.

In this Loud List, we offer our choices for the 10 Best Nirvana Songs. Beginning with Nirvana's debut full-length, Bleach, the grunge act put together characteristics of punk rock, sludge and noise to create a stew of aggressive and filthy rock. You find tracks such as "About a Girl" and "School" on our Top 10 list.

Moving on to Nevermind, perhaps the most impactful rock album of the '90s, there is a tremendous mix to choose from. Of course, the immortal "Smells Like Teen Spirit" made our list, as did "Lithium" and others. The record is gold from front to back, which is why it's one of only a few full-lengths to achieve Diamond status.

In Utero would become Nirvana's final full-length, with classics like "Heart-Shaped Box" and "All Apologies" adding to the band's legacy. However, we didn't just choose tracks from Nirvana's trifecta of studio albums. We also went off the beaten path to dig up some additional fan favorites to round off our list.

Check out the 10 Best Nirvana Songs in the video above. Also, make sure to check out more Nirvana contact from Loudwire below!

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