Length ain’t everything and sometimes short pieces are even more pleasurable! Here’s the 10 Greatest Songs Under One Minute Long!

Short songs tend to lend themselves to two genres: Punk rock and grindcore. Both genres have perfected the mini-song thanks to a blistering fast pace and straightforward message.

Punk bands take up a majority of this Top 10, including acts like Black Flag and NOFX. Minor Threat even launched an entire movement with a song under one minute in length. To this day, if you identify as straight edge, you’ve got Minor Threat’s anti-drug anthem “Straight Edge” to thank.

Countless grindcore tracks clock in under one minute, and though some listeners feel it all sounds the same, tremendous character and memorable licks are plentiful from bands like Pig Destroyer and Napalm Death. One of the songs on this list isn’t just under one minute; it’s barely over one second.

Thrash even has an entry in this list thanks to Municipal Waste’s “Born to Party.” The Art of Partying version breezed past two minutes, but casual fans may not realize the original track (released in 2002) came in at 54 seconds.

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Songs Under One Minute Long above!

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