They say two heads are better than one, right? That's definitely the case for this Loud List as we shine the light on hard rock and metal bands who have opted to forego having just one singer, raising the intensity and adding new dynamics to their music with the utilization of two or more vocalists.

Sure, plenty of these acts still feature what would generally be considered a lead vocalist, but other members of the band also have a prominent enough role behind the microphone to take some pressure off the main frontman. Whether it's call and response, trading off lines or taking front and center for an entire song, the rotating vocal spot is quite fascinating.

Other acts, like Mastodon, don't have one true lead singer, using all four members of the band to suit whatever mood the music calls for. Of course, KISS did that to great success many years before Mastodon were around. The costumed group not only dazzled crowds with their high-octane performances and flashy outfits, but presented a certain air of unpredictability from song to song, never knowing who would be singing next.

Aside from these rotating spots, you can even find bands who carry two strictly lead singers in tow, rather than a member already playing an instrument pulling double duty on occasion. Using more than one vocalist opens up the writing process for each of these groups as they're able to attack particular atmospheres and moods with a sort of Swiss army knife approach to vocal contributions.

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