Let’s be real — nobody likes the paparazzi. A term taken from the irritating buzzing noise mosquitos make, paparazzi often unearth the worst from the celebrities they cover, thanks to a willful invasion of privacy and somewhat predatory tactics to get their subject on film.

What does it take for Good Guy Grohl to actually lose his cool? Paparazzi. The Foo Fighters frontman has sparred with them various times, asking if they were a gang in one clip and encouraging them to follow Tori Spelling, who was just down the street. In this compilation, you’ll see a short moment at the airport where Grohl responds to a question about Katy Perry, saying, “Dude, I don’t do interviews with people that aren’t fucking journalists.”

Axl Rose actually fought a paparazzo at an airport in 2009. As you can see in the first seconds of the clip, a man grabs a female member of Rose’s entourage by the arm and pushes her aside, prompting an angry response from the GN’R singer. When tensions didn’t die down, Rose lunged at a media member, punching them in the head before the scuffle was ultimately broken up.

Even the ever chill Paul McCartney has battled paparazzi in the past. After asking cameramen numerous times to leave him and wife Nancy Shevell alone, Sir Paul verbally decimated the pap. “You’ve got the morals of what? Morals of a rat,” the Beatle said unapologetically. A trip down the YouTube wormhole will show plenty of Macca vs. paparazzi moments, but this was our No. 1 contender.

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