The worlds of punk and metal have a rich history of addressing social and political issues, so in this time of extreme turmoil, take a listen to these 10 Powerful Songs That Smash Fascism.

We get it… some of you hate when musicians speak out on politics, but you’ve got to remind yourselves that some of the best music in history was inspired by that very subject. In terms of punk, many of the genre’s most iconic songs addressed tyranny directly, like Dead Kennedys’ anti-hate anthem “Nazi Punks F—k Off.” Clocking in at just over a minute, “Nazi Punks F—k Off” addressed the poisonous population of racist skinheads at punk shows and has since grown into an all-encompassing middle finger to racists everywhere.

MDC created another iconic anti-fascist anthem with 1981’s “Born to Die.” The song is most known for it’s chant of “No war / No KKK / No Fascist U.S.A.”, which has been adopted and morphed by left-wing protest groups in modern times. The song was famously transformed by Green Day shortly after Donald Trump’s election, replacing the word “war” with “Trump” at the 2016 American Music Awards.

German thrash legends Kreator took on their home country’s hateful history with the 1990 track “People of the Lie,” which condemns genocidal dogma. Wielding the ideals of equality throughout all mankind, “People of the Lie” is one of the most powerful metal tracks to address the darkest period of modern history.

Check out these 10 Powerful Songs That Smash Fascism in the Loud List above!

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