Happy birthday to Dave Mustaine, who turns 50 today (Sept. 13). The veteran rocker has been a popular figure in the metal world for 30 years. His notorious ousting from Metallica resulted in his formation of his own legendary metal act, Megadeth. This year, his band is as active and relevant as ever, as they tour as part of the Big 4 lineup and prepare to release their 13th album, 'TH1RT3EN,' in November. Here, through a series of Mustaine's quotes from various interviews, we celebrate the life and career of this metal veteran with the following list of 10 Things You Didn't Know About Dave Mustaine:

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    He Enjoys Doing Interviews ... When They Remain Positive

    "[Interviews] don't bother me, man," he told KNAC. "It’s what I live for. I actually enjoy meeting people and talking ... as long as I don’t get into talking about something negative, I pretty much enjoy myself."

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    He Practiced Guitar as a Kid to Drown Out His Sister's Piano Playing

    "I liked the way [guitar playing] looked, and it was interesting to me," he explained to Guitar World. "I was a curious kid, and it made noise. I had a sister who played piano, who was terrible. I realized the better I was at guitar that I could drown out her dreadful noise."

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    An Arm Injury Nearly Ended His Years of Playing Guitar

    "I had radial neuropathy happen to my left arm," he said. "I had been sitting in a chair [with] my arm around the back of the chair, being a lounge lizard. I fell asleep, and the inside of my bicep, the nerve circles your arm. There’s a little notch that the nerve sits in. it was above the bone, and it got pressed against the bone, crushed. It took me four months for the nerve to talk to the arm again."

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    He Came Close to Disbanding Megadeth After That Injury

    "We broke up in March 2002," he told Ear Candy Magazine. "I was going to do a Dave Mustaine record, and the publishing company said that I owed them another Megadeth record. I had to give that to them first."

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    He Sticks to a Strict Workout Routine

    "I have a really great cardio program," he told Ask Men. "I’m doing a lot of free weights, a lot of techniques that are modern. The P90X program from Tony Horton ... I take that with me on the road, and it’s got great programs that you can do the DVDs individually. I like the stretching program, I like their yoga program, I like the kickboxing one."

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    He Spiritually Connects With His Bandmates Prior to Performing

    "One of the most important things for us to do is just come together as people," he explained to Lick Library. "When you’re on stage and you’re playing – without sounding gross – it’s the closest four [guys] can get without actually having sex with each other. You can’t really get closer to a guy to play music with him. It is really that spiritual. What we try to do before we go on stage is just get together, get grounded [and] play [our instruments] a little bit."

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    He Used Street Smarts to Make Money as a Kid

    "I used to go watch the funny cars," he told Ask Men last year. "One of the things that I did because I was a little street urchin -- you gotta remember that I grew up like Oliver Twist and I had to take care of things myself -- I was out at the race track, I spent the last $20 I had to my name, bought a ticket, and as soon as I could get in I ran out the other side of the racetrack. I had my hand stamped ... and I learned how to draw the stamp on peoples’ hands and that’s how I made my money, sneaking people in there all day."

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    He Considered Being a “Professional Yeller”

    "I took two vocal lessons, but I wont tell you their names," he told Hard Rock Haven in 2010. "One was a 70 year old woman in Hollywood who stood behind me and stuck her hands down my pants. I thought, you know, this is f---ed up. Then there was another one by a guy in Hollywood who asked me to unbutton my pants so he could examine my diaphragm. I said 'Dude, my diaphragm is up here. Diaphragms in pants belong in females.' So I’m not sure what my private parts have to do with a vocal lesson but I guess it’s got something to do with breathing. It was really too weird for me, I thought, if this is part of being a vocalist, I’ll be a professional yeller."

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    He Has Metal-Infused Hobbies

    "I have rank in three different martial arts styles," Mustaine revealed. "I kind of like to play golf, but golf isn’t a metal sport, beating the hell out of the ball is, so I enjoy that part. My kid used to play hockey, and I helped coach him a little bit, but I was never a great player. My hobby right now is just martial arts."

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    He Is Well Connected With Very Important People

    Mustaine told Metal Injection last year about his ties to important figures in the U.S. government. "I've been invited to the White House; I've been invited to the Pentagon," he said. "I've got friends in the Secret Service and the FBI." So, if you learn one thing from this list, don't mess with Dave Mustaine!

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