It’s not every day Goatwhore gets played on CBS. Check out these 10 Times Metal Infiltrated the Mainstream Media!

Our beloved metal heroes usually have to melt faces away from the spotlight of mainstream celebrity. As much as we’d love to see Suffocation play the Grammys, we’re cool with cherishing music’s best kept secret in the endless spectrum of metal. However, some legendary acts have been name-dropped or even featured prominently in front of millions via television and film.

Way back in 1989, Napalm Death were featured on a BBC kids show called What’s That Noise? After a performance from a world-class string ensemble, the host cut to Britian’s own grindcore innovators slicing their way through the one-second masterwork “You Suffer.” On the other side of the globe around two decades later, a death metal band called Blindfolded and Led to the Woods was given a ton of screen time on New Zealand’s The Erin Simpson Show. What made the local band’s appearance even better were the choreographed children moshing away to music that likely gave them nightmares after the fact.

Believe it or not, Carcass has gotten some serious love from primetime television. The extreme metal legends were name-dropped not once, but twice on the hit series Friends. The band’s music was also showcased on CBS’s Elementary, while the show casually dropped a Chuck Schuldiner reference before playing Goatwhore’s “Baring Teeth for Revolt.”

Check out 10 Times Metal Infiltrated the Mainstream Media in the Loud List above!

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