This isn’t mission difficult, it’s mission impossible. See if you can get through these 10 Try Not to Headbang Challenges!

You may have seen a few of these on YouTube and some are pretty damn hard. However, we wanted to create an “expert level” challenge for those who have walked through the abyss and come out with their heads left unbanging.

So what dynamic inspires headbanging above all else? The deepest of grooves and the most iconic riffs. Can you withstand Cliff Burton’s monstrous bass line on Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” leading into the song’s crunching pre-verse? Will your neck remain stiff despite Slayer’s monumental “Raining Blood” riff plus the song’s legendary breakdown?

What will happen while you’re watching your heroes headbang while performing live? When Pantera played to a million people at Russia’s 1991 Monsters of Rock festival, the band solidified themselves as a force within the metal world and their performance of “Domination” is still one of the most crushing live clips ever captured. Just try and find someone headbanging harder than Dimebag Darrell during the track’s massive breakdown. Just give in and headbang along with Dime!

Test your willpower with these 10 Try Not to Headbang Challenges in the Loud List above! Check out more Loud Lists below!

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