With over a quarter century of history, Korn have given the world plenty of unforgettable moments. Of course, cutting this down to just 10 of them was a challenge, but this Loud List places emphasis on all aspects of the band from the stage to deep and personal interviews to, yes, an appearance on the legendary animated sitcom South Park.

First, we take it back to 1993, the year Korn was formed. Jonathan Davis, known for showing a little leg onstage with the ever-popular kilt, had a different sense of style back then: short shorts and knee-high striped socks.

In just a few years, Korn went from sweaty clubs to global dominance on the back of three hugely successful records. With the nu-metal revolution in full swing, Korn were leading the charge and played to a ravenous crowd at Woodstock '99 just ahead of the release of Issues. The album art for the 1999 record was chosen after pouring through countless fan art submissions, a process we've highlighted in this Loud List.

The group's appearance on South Park is heralded as a classic as the episode was a spoof on Scooby-Doo where Korn get caught up in a mystery concerning pirate ghosts and necrophilia before performing to the town's citizens.

Anyone familiar with Korn knows all too well that the band has dealt with dark lyrical subject matter and addiction, which come to light in a couple interview videos. There's balance, however, with some fun clips spliced between the serious and more harrowing moments.

Watch the video above to see all 10 Unforgettable Korn Moments.

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