While Ronnie James Dio is no longer with us, he remains one of the most beloved figures in all of heavy metal. He provided a haven for metalheads creating a world of fantasy through his imaginative lyrics, rich in advice and warnings to heed. Never experiencing a dip in the quality and power of his voice, Dio emitted a timeless aura. His personable demeanor has been well-documented with almost nothing but unanimous praise for the singer on both a personal and professional level.

This Loud List showcases 10 Unforgettable Ronnie James Dio Moments, with clips spliced together of the icon across his career on stage and in conversation. From his days in Rainbow singing "Stargazer" and performing "Neon Knights" during his tenure with Black Sabbath to the forewarnings of "Don't Talk to Strangers" with Dio and "Bible Black" with Heaven and Hell, his ageless voice is on display.

You'll also see Dio weighing in with his thoughts on religion, his use of the now universal "metal horns" sign, his benefit project Hear 'n Aid and more. The singer talks about how he feels that living on Earth is both Heaven and Hell with good and evil being contained within all of us. With a bit of scorn, he also chimes in on how hair metal brought about the death of heavy metal heading into the '90s.

Picking just 10 Unforgettable Moments from Ronnie James Dio was a challenge, but these clips embody everything we love about the man and exemplify why his name will live on forever.

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