It’s time for our favorite Loud List of the year! The one where we get to spotlight up-and-coming bands that you need to check out in 2017!

Power Trip have already put their stamp on 2017, proving to be one of the year’s definitive bands after releasing an Album of the Year contender with Nightmare Logic. Sending a rejuvenating bolt of electricity into the new school of thrash, Nightmare Logic may be the best thrash record since Municipal Waste’s The Art of Partying, and the excitement can easily be seen in some of the wildest mosh pits you can step foot into.

If you checked out Graham’s Top Five Albums of 2016, you’ll know we’re big on “dream thrash” upstarts Astronoid. Having released the angelic and anthemic Air last year, the band is a force unlike any act in the heavy shoegaze corner of music. Air is perfect from beginning to end and if Astronoid can follow it up with another modern masterwork, you’ll see their stock raise tremendously.

When it comes to death metal, Boston-based band Replacire unleashed the incredible Do Not Deviate album earlier this year. What makes this band so unique is the mix between clean vocals and death growls. Sure, the dynamic has been done a million times, but there’s something a little different about the way Replacire do it… almost as if Mikael Akerfeldt started up a band with Matt Heafy.

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