This list is all about the good cop and the bad cop. Instead of two individuals playing their respective parts, however, these 10 vocalists have harnessed both energies to evolve into some of the most dynamic frontmen in music history.

Along with soaring and beautifully somber styles, the family tree of rock (especially the crimson branches of metal) extends to brutal gutturals and hellish shrieks. Leading off our list is perhaps the greatest modern example of this dichotomy, Mikael Aketfeldt. The Opeth / former Bloodbath frontman is the vocal embodiment of Lucifer, possessing the soothing voice of an angel along with arguably the most demonic gutturals in metal.

It doesn't all have to be so black and white on the vocal spectrum, though. Frontmen like Faith No More's Mike Patton don't go the death metal route, instead opting for the bizarre and maniacal. Dir En Grey's Kyo and Tool / A Perfect Circle / Puscifer singer Maynard James Keenan also embody the roll of onstage lunatics with bi-polar vocal chords, stretching the boundaries of what sonic territory can be covered in a band's signature style.

There are plenty more vocalists to put on display here, maybe some of whom you've never heard before, so check out our list of 10 Vocalists Who Can Sing You to Sleep AND Scare You to Death above!

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