Nothing kills a good show quite like a lame crowd. For this Loud List, we scoured YouTube to find the worst mosh pits in the world, so get ready to cringe.

A lot of these fails come from horrible hardcore dancers. Throwing karate moves in the pit is like sky diving — either commit 100 percent or come back humiliated. If your hardcore dancing looks like a kid’s first swimming lesson, work on your spinny moves or go back to the drawing board. If it inadvertently looks like skanking, maybe you’re a ska fan deep down. Whatever the case, these potential pit bosses are better suited to the mail room.

One of these pits is actually from a Metallica concert, and massively successful bands end up having fans who are not, shall we say, moshing experts. Things can get awkward when frat boys and finance bros take their chances in the pit, and it’s even weirder when there are no Exodus fans to explain the rules of the pit. You’ll see what we mean in this Loud List.

If YouTube has proven one thing, it’s that The Gathering of the Juggalos is ground zero for horrendous pits. We could only stomach including one video in this compilation, as it’s likely the most distressing scene you’ll witness today. We warned you.

Check out the 10 Worst Mosh Pits of All Time in the Loud List above!

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