Why don't more people praise these metal titans??? Here are our picks for the 11 Most Criminally Underrated Metal Guitarists!

For this list, we tried to pick guitarists from incredibly influential metal acts from all sub genres, but shredders who don't tend to get the praise their bands or bandmates do. None of these guitarists are household names when perhaps they should be, at least for those who love heavy music.

One axeman we absolutely needed to highlight is Andy LaRocque, the lead guitarist and one of the principal songwriters for King Diamond. Along with playing on classics like Abigail and Them, LaRocque performed on Death's brilliant Individual Thought Patterns and contributed a solo for At the Gates's "Cold," which can be heard on Slaughter of the Soul.

You'll also find death metal pioneers like Gorguts leader Luc Lemay and Immolation co-founder Bob Vigna. It's not all about innovation in technicality though. Godflesh / Jesu frontman Justin Broadrick is one of the most powerful guitarists in heavy music history, controlling massive amounts of noise and conveying unnerving darkness with his post-metal style.

Check out these musicians and more in the 11 Most Criminally Underrated Metal Guitarists in the video above, and see more Loud Lists below.

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