To celebrate one of the most ridiculously talented and enigmatic frontmen in modern rock, we rounded up 11 Unforgettable Mike Patton Moments!

We piled together a bunch of Patton moments from Faith No More, Fantomas, Mr. Bungle, The Dillinger Escape Plan and even Abraxas. The hoops that Mike can jump through as a singer are simply unmatched by any popular modern vocalist, with the legend’s vocal range spanning over six octaves in his recordings alone. You’ll see lots of throat acrobats in this Loud List!

We also caught Mike Patton at his funniest, whether it be climbing a camera crane with a microphone crammed into his mouth or messing with VJs at the 1990 MTV VMAs. In another clip, you’ll see Mike get caught off guard by Wolfmother’s music while doing an interview. Completely snapping Patton out of his focus, a festival performance by the Australian rock band resulted in a classic rant where Mike spewed his distaste for the group.

Another great moment comes from an interview during Faith No More’s Angel Dust sessions, which we’ve dubbed “the sandwich interview.” While consuming the most glorious sandwich ever constructed, Patton shares his hope that computers will one day take over music.

Check out these 11 Unforgettable Mike Patton Moments in the Loud List above!

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