For nearly 35 full years, Motley Crue existed as rock and metal's most infamous band. Through nine studio albums, millions of record sold and more partying than any of us can conceive, here are 11 Unforgettable Motley Crue Moments.

After a full throwback commercial for Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood album, we travel to 1984 and Crue's appearance at the Monsters of Rock Festival in Donington, England. This is the famous scene where Nikki Sixx bashes Tommy Lee's head into a table repeatedly before answering the question of whether dollars bills go "in the bank or up the nose."

One moment that became rock folklore is the occasion where Ozzy Osbourne took on Nikki Sixx in a gross-out contest. After Nikki and Ozzy snorted lines of ants, Ozzy defeated Crue's bassist by drinking his own piss. Snorting ants sounds dangerous, but it's nothing compared to the drugs Crue would put into their bodies. Nikki Sixx overdosed a total of six times, including one heroin episode that left him legally dead for minutes.

Remember when Tommy Lee went back to college? The VH1 reality show gave us some great moments, including a time when Lee had to dissect a frog. Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars also appeared on some reality TV in their day, notably on LA Ink when Sixx got Mars' portrait tattooed on his leg.

The video ends at Motley Crue's final performance on New Year's Eve 2015, when Tommy Lee's flying drum coaster got stuck upside down and Vince Neil shed some farewell tears.

Check out these 11 Unforgettable Motley Crue Moments above!

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