No baseball player bats 1.000, no quarterback completes every pass and St. Anger’s snare drum will always sound like a wet paper bag. Even the greatest bands have released a dud or two, but some bands have gotten it right every time.

We’ve expanded our old Top 10 list to an updated list of 15 incredible acts. The longest streak on this list belongs to Opeth, with 12 full-length albums achieving incredible artistic feats. Though some fans lamented Opeth’s change in direction with Heritage, the album still got good reviews and set the stage for Pale Communion and Sorceress, thus we can’t possibly label it a stinker.

The 21st century kings of consistency are Mastodon, having released modern classic after modern classic since Remission in 2002. Seven albums and two EPs into a career, Mastodon have never shown a hint of weakness, even when experimenting with bizarre concepts or toning things down a straight rock ’n’ roll approach.

Though some of these bands have only put out a few albums, the impact still being felt is worth adding them to this list. Tool’s four studio albums and one EP are still selling out arenas, while Rage Against the Machine’s three albums of originals and one covers album would be filling stadiums if the band was still around.

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