We've all done it… You're standing at the front of the stage watching your favorite band and suddenly a wayward fan or musician makes a b-line straight toward your face. You could put your hands up and catch the fan like a true humanitarian or go strictly for self preservation and sidestep the poor S.O.B. This list is dedicated to the latter.

Stage dive fails go further than just crashing into the ground after your targeted group of people move out of the way. Sometimes they actually try their hardest to keep your body from hitting concrete, but the diver takes the word "dive" too literally, planting themselves face first into the ground.

Sometimes the fail occurs even before the jump, thanks to uncoordinated fans slipping or forgetting the stage actually does end at some point. Others simply jump from way too high. You're jumping from 30 feet in the air and expect us to catch? Good luck with that one.

Marvel at these 20 spectacular and painful Stage Dive Fails in the clip above!

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