Fans of hard rock and metal aren't the easiest people to please. Tastes come in all shapes and sizes, and what pleases one metalcore loving cousin is definitely not going to make your weird kvlt brother-in-law happy. Gift buying can literally feel like a warzone, a vast field of potential gifts necessary to wade through. So, we put together a dozen suggestions on what to buy the rocker and metalhead in your life.

We've chosen a variety of different items that'll suit nearly everybody. Each item on our list is something we want just as much, and included something to fit every price point. For a stocking stuffer, you really can't go wrong with a high quality ear bud, or one of the many great biographies released this year. If you want to totally ball out, there's been plenty of brand new boxsets from the likes of Metallica and Black Sababth that'll show someone how much you care.

There's also upcoming Funko figures, some sweet apparel, graphic novels and much more. Don't feel guilty if you decide to buy it all for yourself, we won't tell Santa you've been naughty.

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