3 Doors Down have endured a few changes over the last few years and appear to be right back on top of their game with the release of their Us and the Night album. In the video interview above, Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez speaks with singer Brad Arnold and guitarist Chris Henderson about the journey from their 2011 album Time of My Life to their new disc Us and the Night.

That journey included the exits of original members Todd Harrell and Matt Roberts, replaced by Chet Roberts and Justin Biltonen, the support of a Greatest Hits album and the adjustment to the new vibe brought by the infusion of new band members.

"We absolutely are seeing the light and we feel like we're standing in the light. I think we've been through a few dark things in the last few years, but I think we all go through that," says singer Brad Arnold. "Life has its twists and turns and as a band we've definitely had our ups and downs and roundabouts and those things bring you to where you are and we're really, really happy with where we are right now."

Guitarist Chris Henderson also discusses the gamble the band took by waiting five years between original albums and he expresses his thankfulness that the band's fan base has stuck with them.

Also in the clip above, Arnold and Henderson discuss two of the album's key tracks -- the current single "In The Dark" and the Latin-flavored "I Don't Wanna Know." Arnold calls "In the Dark" "one of the more fun songs we've ever wrote," and shared his love for the vvideo starring RJ Mitte, while Henderson delves into the creation of "I Don't Wanna Know," a track he admits the band might not have taken a chance on before with its different sound but one that they happily allowed the song to let it tell the band where it wanted to go.

Check out the chat above and dig deeper into 3 Doors Down's Us and the Night album, which is available at iTunes.

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