It’s been a busy year for Revocation since the release of their latest album, Deathless. They’ve played large festivals like Heavy Montreal and recently wrapped up a headlining tour of their own. We had the opportunity to chat with bassist Brett Bamberger who spoke about Deathless as well as plans for new music. He also dished on his love of touring and some dream tour mates.  Check out our interview with bassist Brett Bamberger of Revocation below:

Deathless came out a year ago. How has it been performing the new material and how have fans been responding to it live?

I think it is safe to say within the band, Deathless is collectively our favorite release to date.  That being said, playing this material has been a pleasure and we get stoked up every time we prepare a new song to play live.  We [recently] brought “Scorched Earth Policy” to the table and it's rad to play.  Fans seem to be on the same page, which we are grateful for!

There’s a cover of Morbid Angel’s “Sworn to the Black” on the album. Is there another band or song you would want to cover?  

Oh man, you got the wrong guy for this. I’d want to do “Room Temperature Lounge” by Don Caballero. I love that song and I think it be funny to watch the band jam on it. We can all hang for sure – but it’s stylistically so different from anything that we have done as a unit…..that’s a challenge I can get behind.

I recently saw you guys in New York at Webster Hall. What an incredible show. What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about being on the road?

Thanks! That show was a total blast! You got the right guy for this one. I absolutely love 99 percent of everything that comes with being on the road.  Even the “crummy” aspects have their endearing qualities for me…it’s not a black and white thing that has a good or bad side. The road for me is one experience as a whole that I enjoy thoroughly. This time around I am doing our trip completely sober, reading, studying, practicing and eating healthy. I’m getting a whole new experience and enjoying a new outlook on it!

What is one band out there you would love to tour with that you haven’t been out on the road with yet and why?

Isis, Cave In or Converge.  I’ve loved them all for as long as I can remember and truly respect that whole crew of musicians for their endless drive and success. Obviously 2/3 would never happen, but 18-year-old me can still dream.

What does the rest of 2015 hold in store for you and Revocation?

Revo will be working on new stuff and once complete we will hit another maniac cycle where we tour nonstop, lose our minds and try to get to the next level in this crazy game of music that we play.  I will be heavily invested in that plan, obviously, and in spare time touring with my other bands, Publicist UK and The Glorious Gone.

Our thanks to Brett Bamberger of Revocation for the interview, be sure to check out the band’s latest album 'Deathless' via iTunes.

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