The day is finally upon us! A Perfect Circle have unveiled a new song, “The Doomed.” If that’s not incredible enough, APC have officially confirmed their fourth studio album will be released in 2018.

“The Doomed” is the band’s first new offering since the standalone track “By and Down” in 2013. What can we say about “The Doomed”? It’s effing glorious! Completely entwined with rapturous atmosphere, “The Doomed” is one of A Perfect Circle’s most progressive works to date. The cut switches effortlessly from electronic-driven verses to instrumental measures you’d almost expect from Scandinavian war metal.

Maynard James Keenan’s vocals really take center stage at around the two-minute mark, with blissful xylophone and piano surrounding his unique tone. “The Doomed” feels like a band’s take on what an orchestra could accomplish if stripped to its bare bones, coming across as grand yet minimalistic.

“Fourteen years have passed since we released eMOTIVe,” says Maynard James Keenan. “A new release is long overdue. In light of this current difficult and polarized social, spiritual and political climate, we artist types need to open our big mouths and share the light a little louder.”

“Years of life experience has brought our music to this moment,” adds guitarist Billy Howerdel. “We know where we came from. Deeply connected to the path we’re on.”

No album title or release date has been announced for APC’s fourth full-length, but it will arrive in 2018. Fans can grab a copy of “The Doomed” right now by clicking here.

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