It looks like Aaron Lewis is back to battling noisy concert crowds.

While performing solo in Oklahoma City Saturday (March 9), the Staind frontman got perturbed at some talkative audience members, pointedly telling them to "shut the fuck up" while strumming his acoustic guitar.

Attempting to finish out his set with an unaccompanied version of Staind's soberly appreciative 14 Shades of Grey closer, "Intro," the musician eventually stopped playing to lambast the Midwestern crowd for not paying attention.

"Listen, if you don't shut the fuck up, you can't even hear the guitar," Lewis is heard saying in the following fan-captured video, as shown by TMZ. "So shut up. I've got three more fucking minutes – three. Can you please, for once... Through the whole fucking evening, you guys have talked all fucking night. Shut the fuck up or I'm done."

He continued, "It's so fucking ironic that this song is a 'thank you,' and I can't get you to shut the fuck up to hear it."

This isn't this first time Lewis has walked offstage after verbally sparring with chatty concertgoers. Last month, the musician ended a gig early in Texas after the crowd wouldn't keep quiet for a particularly tender moment.

"I need five minutes," Lewis announced at that time. "But I need you to be quieter than you've been all night or else you're not gonna hear it. ... I'm only gonna wait for so long and then I'm just gonna say goodnight."

Last year, the Staind singer ripped into a heckler after someone shouted a song title different from the one he was performing. ("You fucking piece of shit," he said before imploring the audience to assist in berating the shouter. "See that bald motherfucker right there? Make sure that his walk out to his car this evening is not all that enjoyable.")

Lewis has a number of dates remaining on his current U.S. tour, which can be seen below. He'll also be releasing his third country solo record, State I'm In, which will arrive in April.

Aaron Lewis 2019 Tour Dates

March 21 — Madison, Wis. @ Barrymore Theatre
March 22 — New Buffalo, Mich. @ Four Winds Casino
March 23 — Milwaukee, Wis. @ Eagles Ballroom
March 24 — Sioux Falls, S.D. @ The District
March 27 — Joliet, Ill. @ Rialto Square Theatre
March 28 — Tiffin, Ohio @ The Ritz Theatre
March 30 — Elkhart, Ind. @ Lerner Theatre
April 06 — Manistee, Mich. @ Little River Casino

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