Staind singer Aaron Lewis has made clear his political enemy with "If I Was a Liberal."

Not that the musician has otherwise shrouded his partisan aim in his solo career as a country crooner. But the focus of Lewis' ire has never been as distinct as it appears on "If I Was a Liberal," a live rendition of his State I'm In song "If I Were the Devil" that's been revamped into a pointed right-wing anthem.

The studio version of the song that appears on the singer's third solo album presents a questioning take on the nature of good and evil. Its narrative plays out as a series of proposed actions one may take if they were the embodiment of immorality, or "devil," found among many different cultures and religions. Fellow country artist Trent Tomlinson, along with co-composer Houston Phillips, wrote the original iteration of the song.

But during a solo performance in New Hampshire last month, Lewis reimagined the tune onstage by conflating liberalism with evil when he reworked the number as "If I Was a Liberal." In it, the song's lyric remains mostly the same except for one forceful difference: The word "liberal" gets substituted for "devil."

At the show at Bernie's Beach Bar in Hampton Beach, N.H., the singer introduced the song by its album title, "If I Were the Devil." Once he started it playing it, however, concertgoers quickly reacted to the fact that the song's lyrical drive had a new devil in the form of modern U.S. liberalism.

The retooled tune has made frequent appearances during Lewis' recent solo sets, as Rock Feed reported. Directly below, read the song's revised words and watch a fan-captured performance video.

If I was a liberal, I'd find a way somehow
To make man think he created God and not the other way around
And what you see on TV will seem like the gospel truth
And I'd make right look so wrong, I'd make wrong look so cool
Hey, anything to keep you on my level
If I was a liberal

And if I was a liberal, everyone would just see color
And I'd take all religions and I'd turn them against each other
I'd sit back and I'd love it, I'd watch you fuel the hate
I'd light fires on the evening news and let you fan the flames
Hey, anything to keep you out of heaven
If I was a liberal

And I'd just keep on doing what I'm doing
What I'm doing sure is working out
And if you don't believe me, I could prove it
Hey, all you need to do is look around
Yeah, I'd be thinking things just can't get better
If I was a liberal

If I was a liberal, when all is said and done
I'd be the coward that I am, and I'd tuck my tail and run
I'd hide out in the darkness I'm destined to regret
'Cause if I was a liberal, hell, I'd be scared to death

Aaron Lewis Performs "If I Was a Liberal" Live - September 2020

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