Most are keeping their fingers crossed that Staind's upcoming tour dates will eventually lead to new music, and while it's not a given, the thought has crossed singer Aaron Lewis' mind.

While appearing on the Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon podcast (heard below), Lewis spoke about his return to the group for the shows, what that means in terms of new music and even revealed what he thought might happen musically if things work out.

Making sure not to paint the band into a confirmation before its ready, Lewis told Lafon, "This is definitely, 'Let's just get together and play a few shows and see what happens.' 2020 is 2020, and we'll see. I've made no commitments to anything. I just wanna kind of see how this couple of shows goes."

In the years since Staind last played, Lewis has continued to build his solo career in the country world. Meanwhile, guitarist Mike Mushok has remained active in the rock world, first as part of Jason Newsted's self-titled solo band, then as part of Saint Asonia with former Three Days Grace singer Adam Gontier.

Lewis explains, "I needed the break. I definitely needed that break, and that break turned into these avenues. The break went long enough to where I wouldn't mind getting out there onstage with Staind and playing some songs that we all wrote together a long time ago."

At present, the band is set to play the Louder Than Life and Aftershock festivals this fall. No additional dates have been named as of yet, nor has confirmation come on a new album, but that didn't stop Lewis from discussing what new music might entail should they decide to move forward.

"I think that if we were to go into the studio and do anything, it would be pretty brutal. It would be continuing back to how heavy we were to begin with," said Lewis. "When 'It's Been Awhile' and 'Outside' and 'So Far Away' and songs like that, that were radio songs, [it] confused everything, cause if you came and saw us at a show, the show was a hell of a lot heavier than most of the songs that you would hear on the radio. I would have to say that it would be going back in the direction of just heavy… I think I've got some pent-up stuff that would probably flow out quite nicely over some of Mike's heavy riffs."

The fall shows will be the band's first after ending their five-year hiatus. Hear more of Lewis' chat with the Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon podcast below.

Staind's Aaron Lewis on the Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon Podcast

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