Three years after debuting with the Abbath album following his split with Immortal, Abbath has returned with an entirely revamped lineup and new album, Outstrider. The black metal legend has just unfurled a music video for the lead single, "Harvest Pyre."

The track is riff-heavy, as anyone would expect from Abbath, as dissonant, icy guitar parts are cut with moments of triumph, a quality that has defined the musician for two decades since changing styles on Immortal's At the Heart of Winter.

As for the video, seen below, it's ripe with stereotypical black metal splendor. Shot in black and white, there's clips of a craggy landscape where ocean waves batter the cliff faces and the band's members perform atop the mountains.

Outstrider is set for a July 5 release through Season of Mist, bringing a touch of cold to the summer season. Pre-order the album at the label's webstore and check out the album art and track listing below.

Joining Abbath in the band's lineup are Ole Andre Farstad (guitar, Ilti Milta) Ukri Suviletho (drums, Suvilehto, Tuliterä, Vermivore) and Mia Wallace (bass, Triumph of Death, ex-The True Endless).

Abbath, Outstrider Artwork + Track Listing

Season of Mist
Season of Mist

1. "Calm in Ire (Of Hurricane)" (04:32)
2. "Bridge of Spasms" (03:49)
3. "The Artifex" (04:09)
4. "Harvest Pyre" (04:12)
5. "Land of Khem" (04:08)
6. "Outstrider" (05:39)
7. "Scythewinder" (04:17)
8. "Hecate" (04:25)
9. "Pace till Death" (Bathory cover) (03:41)

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