Dave Evans may not be as well known as Bon Scott or Brian Johnson, but AC/DC's original vocalist definitely holds a key role in the history of the band and he's still proud of his time with the group. Evans will join the world's biggest AC/DC tribute show this weekend, playing with Long Way to the Top, while celebrating his original group's 40th anniversary.

Evans, who turns 60 this year, tells Australia's Daily Telegraph, "I smash it on stage. I will knock everyone's block off. If anyone wants to rock as hard as me, good luck to them."

The vocalist says that performing with Long Way to the Top will serve as the ultimate tribute, adding, "Long Way to the Top isn't just another band in the uniform, they do the real deal show. The boys have a lot of the things in their show that made AC/DC famous."

Long Way to the Top claim to have lighting, sound and staging production on a scale never seen before with the exception of AC/DC's own lives sets. The band has hauled the production across the country in five six-meter pantech trucks, something that is rarely seen from a tribute band. You can check out video footage of the band's performance below.

Evans was part of AC/DC when they formed in Sydney back in 1973 but moved on by 1974. Still, he was around for the band's debut single, 'Can I Sit Next to You, Girl,' and is still proud to perform it today. Even though he's since moved to Texas, the vocalist says he's thrilled to be heading back to Australia for the show where it all began musically for him.

The event will take place at Mounties in Mount Pritchard, New South Wales, Australia this Saturday night (March 23). For more info on the show, click here.

Watch Long Way to the Top's Promo Video

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