We're thrilled to host this exclusive music video premiere from Italian progressive metallers Adimiron. From the band's upcoming fourth studio album, 'Timelapse,' we've partnered with Adimiron to bring you the heavy-hitting and sonically dense 'State of Persistence.'

Formed in 1999, the band was formerly known as Angels of Darkness before switching out the name for Adimiron. Sharing musical similarities with fellow European heavyweights Gojira and Textures, Adimiron's 'State of Persistence' presents its atmosphere right away and holds it steady, though the song does explore a wide realm.

The video for 'State of Persistence' complements the track's hypnotic quality, but gets very weird, very quickly. From a hellish pit, a humanoid creature is conceived and erased while being manipulated by cognizant vines. “The entire set was built and designed to fully turn on itself in order to draw the idea of cyclicity, persistence, returning, in line with the concept of the song,” explains guitarist Alessandro Castelli.

As for the band's 'Timelapse' album, Castelli shares, “With 'Timelapse' we're trying to explore our relationship with the only aspect that cannot be modified in our lives: the flow of time. The new album extends all our personal and daily feelings about the choices that compose our identity, a sort of glass sliding doors. But 'Timelapse' is not only a mirror reflecting our inner tensions: it's like a “portal” to our relationship with the surrounding world and how it's been modified from the beginning.”

Watch Adimiron's new video for 'State of Persistence' above and be sure to pre-order the 'Timelapse' album by clicking here.

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