AFI and Blaqk Audio leader Davey Havok is once again speaking up for Peta2 in a new ad campaign. The vocalist, who was named 2012's Sexiest Male Vegetarian in a reader-conducted survey, revealed his support of the vegan lifestyle and urges others to give it a try.

The ad features Havok sporting a dark suit jacket with a white undershirt along with the words, "I am Davey Havok and I am a Vegan," displayed over his image. The corresponding text below the giant lettering reads, "A vegan saves the lives of more than 100 animals every year. Live with compassion for your health, the environment and animals. Give veganism a try."

As a designer, Havok has used his Zu Boutique x Macbeth collaboration to create a vegan shoe and he's been an advocate of cruelty-free options concerning animals over the years. The frontman says that growing up in the hardcore, straight edge music scene really first turned him on to the work that Peta was doing as the organization campaigned at shows. He says in a video interview (posted below), "I have wanted to live the healthiest lifestyle for sometime and being vegan is part of that -- to consume foods that I know help my body rather than destroy my body and to avoid foods that are detrimental to my world in the same way that I would avoid drugs and alcohol and other poisons."

He adds, "Making the small changes on an individual level can often times turn into something greater -- can often times influence another individual even if you're passively influencing them." Havok urges those interested in trying out the vegan lifestyle to sign the Peta2 pledge here.

Watch Davey Havok Discuss the Vegan Lifestyle