Arizona resident and rock legend Alice Cooper is a huge sports fan, and he's been a longtime supporter of the Arizona Coyotes NHL hockey team. To commemorate throwback jersey night tonight (March 5) for the Coyotes, artist David Arrigo designed a special mask for goalie Mike Smith that incorporates an image of Cooper on the backplate.

In an interview you can watch above, Smith talked about the helmet: "I think it turned out unbelievable. It's very simple, it's very retro, and that's the theme we went with this time around. It's the old Coyote head with different things involved, obviously the whole head of the coyote and then the old logo on the side."

Smith continues, "Probably the coolest thing about the helmet is the backplate. It's a tribute to Alice Cooper. He's been a lifer as a Coyote fan and a big supporter of the team... He's been wanting to paint Alice Cooper on my helmet for quite a few years now and finally I let him have at it. Obviously it's an amazing tribute to Alice and the support he gives our team, and a throwback to him."

In a post on his website, Arrigo, who designs all of Smith's masks, talked about the creation of this one. “With EVERY mask I work on with Smitty, there will be… lets say some locking of the horns and this piece was no different," Arrigo says. "Smitty was looking for a clean break all around including the backplate. In contrast, I push as much as possible to have something on the mask that have people look twice. He wanted the Coyotes moon logo vs. I was looking for something more entertaining and had a punch."

Arrigo continues, "Enter Alice Cooper, Rock Star, Arizona resident and Coyote fan. What is more retro than Alice Cooper! I thought the image of Alice’s unique look on the backplate would really make this a conversation piece (not to mention I think it would look cool as heck!). For once I got my way! I think it worked out well, what do you think?”

In addition to headlining the 2015 Rock USA Festival July 15 in Oshkosh, Wis., Cooper will be back on the road with Motley Crue for the next leg of their "Final Tour" beginning July 22.