Joe Perry has returned to the concert stage with Hollywood Vampires, but he gave his bandmates quite a scare earlier this summer when he collapsed onstage (seen above) during the band's Brooklyn concert at the Coney Island Amphitheater.

Speaking about that moment, Alice Cooper tells Rolling Stone, "It scared the hell out of me. The lyrics to ['Raise the Dead'], the first song we played that night, go, 'Cardiac, heart attack … they never feared the reaper,' and I look around the stage and he's gone. He was lying behind an amp on his back, and I went, 'Oh, my God.' We didn't know what happened until after the show."

Though initially concerned about it being a heart attack, it was later learned that Perry was suffering from dehydration. Cooper says, "Aerosmith does two shows a week, but we were on our eighth show in nine days, and I'm used to working like that. I'm used to working an hour and 40 minutes or two hours, five nights a week. I was in shape and so was Johnny and everybody else. I think Joe was not ready for that kind of pace."

"We were doing 25 to 30 songs with no break," he continues. "You're in fourth gear, and there's no 24-hour resting period. I think it just caught up with him. He finally got up there onstage, dehydrated. And I think he was exhausted. He told me the night before he hadn't eaten in two days." Cooper confirmed that Perry's collapse was not heart-related, stating that doctors checked and the guitarist's heart "was actually very strong."

Perry was absent for the better part of two weeks recovering from the incident, but Cooper says he returned better than ever. "I've never seen him play so good. He looked great and he played great for the next few shows." Meanwhile, Cooper says it's a credit to Johnny Depp and Tommy Henriksen that they were able to adapt on the fly and fill all of the parts that Perry normally played while he was away.

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