The coronavirus pandemic has shut down the touring industry worldwide, giving artists ample time to work on new music. Shock rock legend Alice Cooper, who is seemingly never off the road, has now confirmed that he's "nearly done" with his new album.

The 72-year-old rocker gave Rolling Stone an update on his current situation, expressing a modicum of relief that his recording schedule is a bit looser than normal.

"While our management is working to reschedule the postponed shows, I’m going to finish work on my next album, which is nearly done," Cooper confirmed. Finding a silver lining, the singer added, "At least now I won’t be squeezing in vocal recording sessions on days off, between shows. I don’t like a lot of time off, as anyone who sees my schedule already knows, but a little extra time at home can be re-energizing."

Alice Cooper has been cutting records for over 50 years now with the current tally at whopping 27. His last album, Paranormal, was released in 2017 and featured guest appearances and co-writes from original members of the Alice Cooper band in addition to members of Deep Purple, ZZ Top and U2.

Addressing the coronavirus pandemic, Cooper preached a message of unity as the world aims to combat and limit the spread of the virus along with its death toll. "We’re all in this together, whether you’re entertainer or fan, rich or poor, male or female, old or young," he said, "And we’ll get through this together. And when we do, we’ll be back on the road, doing what we love to do."

As countless artists have canceled or postponed tours, Alice Cooper included, there has been a call for fans to support artists if they're able to buy scooping up merch.

Understanding other artists are in more dire need of assistance than him and his band, Cooper urged, "My band has been around a long time and are lucky enough to have the resources to survive through this, but maybe fans should buy some merch or music from younger newer bands that can’t tour right now and don’t have the reserves that we have."

To limit the spread of the coronavirus, world governments have enacted extreme social distancing measures, stressing the utmost importance of self-isolating to save lives and prevent the overburdening of healthcare systems currently scrambling to secure necessary supplies from face masks to ventilators and respirators to ICU beds.

The World Health Organization has a wealth of information on best practices and other tips to keep yourself and your community safe. Learn more here.

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