The moment Alice in Chains superfans have been waiting all of 2022 for has arrived — the rockers have announced a massive Dirt box set to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the legendary album, which came out Sept. 29, 1992.

The box includes a variety of vinyl and collectibles, including a sculpture of model Mariah O'Brien — who's depicted on the cover of the album — which serves as both a vinyl topper and a magnet, replica show posters and a setlist, art prints and a hardcover book full of photos. The Dirt LP included in the set is on orange vinyl to match the album cover aesthetic, and it also contains a CD and five 7" singles in a variety of colors ("Them Bones," "Down in a Hole," "Rooster," "Angry Chair" and "Would?”).

Another fun aspect of the box itself is that it contains metal shavings so that fans can use the magnetic figurine to create their own version of the Dirt cover. The set is limited to 3,000 copies, is priced at $275 and is expected to ship in late October. The standalone vinyl has already sold out.

There are also a few new pieces of merchandise available, including a reprint of their vintage 1992 Dirt tour shirt with the sun logo on the front, as well as the Funko! Pop figure set, which was already unveiled a few months ago.

Order your commemorative Dirt merchandise through Alice in Chains' webstore, and see some images of the items below.

Dirt was just certified five times platinum in the U.S. earlier this week, which makes the box set announcement come at impeccable timing. Also, you can catch Alice in Chains on the road now with Bush and Breaking Benjamin, they've apparently been rehearsing some old tunes for the tour. Get tickets here.

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