It's not uncommon for fans to ask to take pictures with a musician they recognize out in public. However, sometimes there are circumstances where the musician doesn't want to. Alicia Taylor has offered an explanation as to why Corey Taylor sometimes doesn't take photos with fans when the couple is out together.

It's unclear if a specific encounter inspired Alicia Taylor to tweet about the situation, but she wrote about it on X (formerly Twitter) earlier today (Nov. 21).

"Some people would call my husband a dick for not stopping to take photos when we are out together," she wrote. "He does that because we are apart so much, he leaves us at home to be with fans. When we are together we want that time for us. Family time (be it with kids, or just us) is family time."

Alicia's post prompted a lot of responses, so she offered further insight, adding that fans sometimes blame her if her husband chooses not to engage with them. She cited one instance where she was looking for a bathroom and they kept getting stopped, and the fans called both of them insulting names for refusing to stop and hang with them.

One individual replied to Alicia's tweet saying, "I guess that makes sense but it literally takes two seconds to sign my CD." She then responded, "You plus the people you’re with plus the other people who see it go down and then they want theirs. Trust me it’s not two seconds — no one would have an issue with two seconds."

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There's no rulebook on what the proper etiquette is when you see a musician or someone you admire out in public, but Alicia noted that fans who quickly acknowledge rockers with a wave or a fist bump and move along without interrupting them are "the coolest."

"I promise every single artist would think you’re the best fan for this," she concluded.

Read some of her other responses below.

Corey Taylor is currently on tour in Europe in support of his latest solo album CMF2. His next performance is scheduled for tomorrow night in Berlin, Germany. See the rest of the dates on his website.

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