Amaranthe's fifth studio album is on the horizon and it will mark their first with clean singer Nils Molin (Dynazty) rounding out the triple-threat vocal assault. They've already clued fans into what their new record will sound like with "Army of Night" and now the Swedish group has teamed up with Loudwire to bring you the video for another new track, "365."

The blue and white clip foregoes the all-too-common abandoned warehouse performance video as the group takes over an entire abandoned section of town. All facets of Amaranthe's sound are showcased in "365" from jagged muted riffs to lunging rhythms that take wider strides with a restrained drumming approach. There's a boundless energy from the interplay between all three singers and their hook-dominant tactics make this an instantly memorable song.

“The band has found a new expression that reflects the new album. We are happy to exclusively be able to share the first single from it! '365' is the beginning of another new era, that leads us into the 10th year as Amaranthe. We can not get enough of the moments that immortalize our unit. 365 and a day, that’s how you know...
It was great to be back with Patric as a director for the video. Enjoy and stay tuned for more to come very soon," says Elize Ryd.

"'365' is everything that Amaranthe stands for in 2018; fresh, innovative and with an extra dose of heaviness and raw strength! As a very first taste of 'HELIX', the song powerfully declares that we are not slowing down, nor getting stale, but constantly renewing the definition of Amaranthe, while staying very true to our core sound. Being back working with Patric Ullaeus again was as natural as it was inspiring, and resulted in a take no prisoners, no holds barred video, and shows off the band from a more raw side than ever before. Amaranthe is back - and how do you know? '365' and a day - that's how you know," exclaimed guitarist Olof Mörck.

Not much is known about Amaranthe's new album, but the details are coming tomorrow (Aug. 10).

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