A day after exclusively premiering their new song and video for "365" here at LoudwireAmaranthe have revealed details surrounding their fifth album, Helix.

The disc marks the band's first with new singer Nils Molin, whose smooth voice completes the group's three-vocalist lineup. The song, as heard above, starts with heavy electronic tones that soon blend with syncopated beats, a propulsive riff and Elize Ryd's melodic vocals. A few ultra-chunky parts later Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson aggressive growl contrasts with Ryd's euphoric voice.

"And so the time is finally NOW! We have been itching to release this monster of a track — '365' represents the Amaranthe sound in every conceivable way," says guitarist Olof Mörck. "The foundation is the heaviest and most down-tuned soundscape we have produced to date, from the bone-crunching guitars and drums, all the way to the juggernaut keyboards kicking off the song."

With Helix, which comes out Oct. 19, Amaranthe hope to prove their massive success over a seven-year period is no fluke. Since 2011, the group has garnered more 118 million views on YouTube, half-a-billion song streams and hit No. 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart three times.

"The Helix album itself is a statement, a declaration and an assertion that we are here to stay, and that the songwriting and musicianship has been honed and maximized to the highest level yet on an Amaranthe record," Mörck says."The process of composing this album with Elize [Ryd] was as inspiring as it was smooth, and from a composer's and arranger's perspective, a dream collaboration."

"Helix describes the concept of how the past forms us and how life makes us become," adds Ryd. "No excuses, no regrets. We express the challenges and the uplifting moments in time, and all that in between with the sounds that we love. We want to dedicate this album to all the fighters and friends out there."

Check out the album's artwork and track listing below.

Amaranthe, Helix Artwork + Track Listing


01. "The Score"
02. "365"
03. "Inferno"
04. "Countdown"
05. "Helix"
06. "Dream"
07. "GG6"
08. "Breakthrough Stardust"
09. "My Haven"
10. "Iconic"
11. "Unified"
12. "Momentum"

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