You've heard it in the bars, now you can check it out here on Loudwire! Disney's Aladdin birthed one of karaoke's most popular songs, "A Whole New World." Normally, a drunken couple will stumble through the classic Disney track, eliciting icy stares from the crowd, but we got one of metal's best male/female pairs to tackle the track in our Loudwire Karaoke booth.

We recently invited members of Swedish metal band Amaranthe to our studio for a interview and karaoke session. In fact, you may have already seen Amaranthe's Elize Ryd sing Sia's "Chandelier" in our karaoke booth. After Amaranthe's female siren soared with "Chandelier," fellow singer 'Jake E' Lundberg stepping inside for a duet with Ryd.

We couldn't find an actual magic carpet to shove into the tiny booth, so just picture Elize and Jake flying through the beautiful Agrabah skies while they trade vocal lines. The duo both bring their vocal chops to the Aladdin cover while obviously having a lot of fun doing so. How could you go wrong?

Watch Amaranthe's Elize Ryd and Jake E serenade each other with "A Whole New World" in the video above!

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