Amaranthe are one of metal's more peculiar acts, well-known for their utilization of three separate and distinct vocalists. While they'll still having the unique offering of Elize Ryd's clean singing and Henrik Englund Wilhemsson's death growls, they'll continue on for the time being without the services of longtime clean singer Jake E.

Jake E. was one of Amaranthe's founding members and has now announced he'll be taking a break from the group for an indeterminate amount of time. The singer broke the news on his own Facebook page, at first stating that he is "'on hold' regarding Amaranthe's EU Tour and US Tour spring 2017." At first, this appeared that he would just be bowing out of these two tours, but the text that followed was less specific about the timetable.

Acknowledging the band's success over the last seven years, Jake E. said, "I now feel that the time is right to take a break from touring and [pursue] things I wanted to do for a long time. For how long I'll be gone is hard to say at this point." See the post in full directly below and more updates are likely to come at his website.

Fans hoping to see Amaranthe on tour can still expect the same three vocal attack as they've tapped Smash Into Pieces singer Chris Adams to fill Jake E.'s role. The band is currently on a European tour (dates here) with support coming from Sonic Syndicate and Smash Into Pieces. Amaranthe are supporting their newly released album, Maximalism, which can be purchased at Amazon or iTunes.

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